Thursday, 13 September 2007


Things are starting to go well and get moving! We've written and rewritten all but one track on what looks like a 13 track album. We're demoing soon and recording before the end of the year if all to plan. My mate Cei is incredible at what he does and is helping us out with the art work for the album, have a look at how good he is:

We're all earning money to pay for the recording at the moment. I think im pretty much set but have started a new job with Luke at Dominos in Farnham any way, if you live there I could well deliver your pizza! We're playing 2 headlining shows in October, one in Dorset on the 4th and one at Alton Community Centre with some sweet support bands! Please come to one or both!

Peace up, A town down,

Scott x

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