Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hi! Wycombe

There hasn't been a post on this in many months so I thought I'd fire it up again...

Scratching my head to think of what we've done since the last post... we played Download! Such an awesome day, but a bit of an anticlimax at the same time, was built up so much and then we'd played and that was that, it was all over, but still amazing! We've played a number of sweet one off shows and a couple of headlining ones.

We also went on the Good To Go tour with All Forgotten and We Are The Ocean, 2 of the best weeks of being in this band were had then, Islington especially was just incredible! It was sweet going to places like Aberdeen and Sheffield too, so far away from where we've ventured before.

There's a whole load of photos up on our myspace and facebook page from these events.

More recently we did a string of dates, a lot of which were headlining in places we've never been before, some nice surprises, some shit turn outs and some first times sleeping in the worlds most uncomfortable van were had (our van recently failed it's MOT and had to go away for ever).

Lastly we played in High Wycombe last night supporting Data.Select.Party along with some other sick bands, Colour and DSP were both ridiculously good live! The reception we got was awesome, better than a Newcastle crowd I think it's safe to say...

We're off on tour with Enjoy Destroy on Thursday for a couple of days, really excited about that and supporting Enter Shikari at Southampton Guildhall at the end of the month which should be epic!

Come to a show and keep spreading that Canterbury word to mates and relations,
Scott xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Scarey Times!

Good afternoon!

We're currently in the middle of a 2 week break with no shows and a fair amount of practice, today we are not practicing however and while Luke and James are hard at work gardening some where, Mike is sitting at home waiting for the arrival of his new amp and Ben is on his way to London to see Finch I find myself with not much to do?! So here's a blog...

April was such a good month, we played so many shows! Some with 400 people at others with like 5, but even those smaller ones were still really good, just getting to see so many places in England, and now Wales, that i've never seen before. Norwich is probably my favourite of the month, much like Exeter i think i want to move there when im old. There's some photos of us there on The Automatic tour on our Facebook page we set up so have a look, maybe add us if your on it LINKAGE

The Automatic were such a saweet band by the way! Now they've got Paul Mullen from YCNI:M they're even better, and a lot better live than on CD, most of their new songs are fucking good, especially this one track Magazines, a big step up I think. Viva Machine who were the other supports are also really incredible, very funny too, their in our top friends on myspace so check them out.

Lastly we've been announced to play Download Festival next month, we're all really looking forward to it but to be honest i'm really shitting myself at the same time as we're quite high up the bill for a largely unknown band, hope people actually watch us and if they do don't throw anything in disgust at our non metal ways!

I'm done for now, but come see us at shows and shizzle, we've got a headlining show next Saturday in Basingstoke that you should especially check us out at.

Scott and Canterbury

Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Album

Hello Everyone!

A lot of you have been asking about the album, whether it be the amazing fans we had before it was recorded, or new fans who have watched the album videos and seen that they were infact from a while ago.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you all an explanation of whats going on, because the last thing we want is you guys in the dark!

Basically, we have recorded about 95% of our album, and we know we said we would release it at the start of this year, our plans have changed somewhat! We have met a lot of really cool people who have inspired us to do stuff a little different.

So, the album wont be out for a while yet, because we want to go through all the different ways we can release it, and make sure we pick the best way, and until then we are just gonna play loads and loads of shows, so we have even more people to release it to!

We are sorry we have taken so long to address this, and we would like to thank you all for keeping so interested! it really means a lot!

Mike and Canterbury

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Little Update!

Hello All!

So it's April. A mad month for us as we literally bounce up and down the country like a yo yo trying to play to as many of you as possible. I wont lie, it's fun. It's a really exciting time for us and last week i went as far north as i dare/have ever been when we visited Newcastle. Its crazy travelling a good 6 hours to then see the friendly faces of Tonight is Goodbye and Enjoy Destroy and play a fucking wicked show.

chhhhhhhhhhheck out this new song live! from Newcastle:



So if your a fan of what we do or are just getting into it please come and see us live! its sooooo important right now and we need to get as many people involved as we can. Maybe even buy a tshirt? their great and it's actually the most supportive action you can do to help us out and its a great fashion choice. Not sure what the next few moths hold but hopefully more brilliant times and we'll try and keep this up to date when we can... SO KEEP COMING BACK.


Ben and Canterbury x

Monday, 11 February 2008


Not really much to say that you don't already know, but things have been going really well since we recorded the album. Started playing loads more shows and finally got a booking agent just the other week so will be getting even more shows, so come and see us!

Last night we were main support to Tonight Is Goodbye in Milton Keynes and it was sweet! Biggest stage we've played on yet, fucking good sound and some people liked our music so we did the nearly 2 hour drive home happy!

Scott x