Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Scarey Times!

Good afternoon!

We're currently in the middle of a 2 week break with no shows and a fair amount of practice, today we are not practicing however and while Luke and James are hard at work gardening some where, Mike is sitting at home waiting for the arrival of his new amp and Ben is on his way to London to see Finch I find myself with not much to do?! So here's a blog...

April was such a good month, we played so many shows! Some with 400 people at others with like 5, but even those smaller ones were still really good, just getting to see so many places in England, and now Wales, that i've never seen before. Norwich is probably my favourite of the month, much like Exeter i think i want to move there when im old. There's some photos of us there on The Automatic tour on our Facebook page we set up so have a look, maybe add us if your on it LINKAGE

The Automatic were such a saweet band by the way! Now they've got Paul Mullen from YCNI:M they're even better, and a lot better live than on CD, most of their new songs are fucking good, especially this one track Magazines, a big step up I think. Viva Machine who were the other supports are also really incredible, very funny too, their in our top friends on myspace so check them out.

Lastly we've been announced to play Download Festival next month, we're all really looking forward to it but to be honest i'm really shitting myself at the same time as we're quite high up the bill for a largely unknown band, hope people actually watch us and if they do don't throw anything in disgust at our non metal ways!

I'm done for now, but come see us at shows and shizzle, we've got a headlining show next Saturday in Basingstoke that you should especially check us out at.

Scott and Canterbury

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Codruta said...

I like your style!The videos are oky..you guys make a good band! Cheers!