Sunday, 13 April 2008

Little Update!

Hello All!

So it's April. A mad month for us as we literally bounce up and down the country like a yo yo trying to play to as many of you as possible. I wont lie, it's fun. It's a really exciting time for us and last week i went as far north as i dare/have ever been when we visited Newcastle. Its crazy travelling a good 6 hours to then see the friendly faces of Tonight is Goodbye and Enjoy Destroy and play a fucking wicked show.

chhhhhhhhhhheck out this new song live! from Newcastle:



So if your a fan of what we do or are just getting into it please come and see us live! its sooooo important right now and we need to get as many people involved as we can. Maybe even buy a tshirt? their great and it's actually the most supportive action you can do to help us out and its a great fashion choice. Not sure what the next few moths hold but hopefully more brilliant times and we'll try and keep this up to date when we can... SO KEEP COMING BACK.


Ben and Canterbury x


Anonymous said...

Hello That Gig Was IMMENSE!!
You Were My Fav Of All The Bands That Played That Night
Espically Your New Song Which I Recorded Part Of On My Phone =p
Anyways Keep Up The Good Work(Y)
And Please Put That Song On Myspace!

Emo-x-Tastic said...

Saw you guys last night in Brigton and thought you were really good.
So yeah.